Man putting away meal prep containers with salmon and chicken and meatballs
A 'Hero Meal' Is The 2023 Food Prep Hack You've Been Waiting For
By Brianna Corley
Meal prep usually involves being in the kitchen every weekend, carefully crafting just enough portions to last for the next five days. It isn’t the most exciting way to spend your weekend, but fitness influencer Kevin Curry, who lives and dies by meal prep, gallantly revealed to NPR a life-changing trick for painless meal prep.
According to Curry, meal preppers can keep things simple by cooking what he likes to call “the hero meal” — a supersized dish you can eat right after you make it while freezing the leftovers to chow down on later. This hack will enable you to have meals prepped for weeks to come. 
Although the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that frozen goods have no expiration date, frozen prepared food will generally lose its flavor in around three months. To further minimize your time in the kitchen, Curry suggests prepping large casserole dishes, like lasagna, to cook several suppers worth of food in one go.