Pieces of kiwi with leaves on a cutting board. On a black background. High quality photo
A Glass Cup Is All You Need To Peel Kiwis Without Tools
By Crystal Antonace
Although eating the kiwi's skin is safe and nutritious, some prefer removing it. While you can use a peeler, knife, or spoon, a drinking glass can help you do the job in a flash.
To use this method, cut the ends off the kiwi fruit and slice it down the middle. Then, take half the kiwi and place the edge of the glass where the fuzzy skin meets the fruit.
With an even amount of pressure, slowly push the fruit down the edge of the glass. The kiwi will fall directly into the glass, and the cup will catch any residual fruit juice.
Before peeling, ensure your kiwi is ready by pressing your thumb into the whole fruit. Ripe fruit will feel a tad soft, but if it feels mushy, it is overripe.
Peeled and sliced kiwi only lasts a few days in cold storage, while a whole kiwi can last a few weeks, so make sure you're only peeling kiwis you're ready to eat.