gravy boat full of brown gravy
A Fast, Easy Fix To Rescue Greasy Gravy
By Chase Shustack
Not only is gravy able to make the driest piece of meat moist and flavorful again, but it can be easily prepared from the simple combination of pan drippings, flour, and liquids such as stocks or butter. However, if you slip up on the recipe and are left with gravy that looks and tastes like hot grease, it may be time to pull out the cornstarch.
To mend a batch of greasy gravy, mix half a teaspoon of cornstarch with one teaspoon of water until a fine slurry forms, then mix it into the gravy so the cornstarch can help “bind” with the excess grease and bring some body back into the pan drippings. This trick is also useful as a general thickening agent if your gravy comes out too thin.
If you have “broken” gravy (gravy where a fatty, oily film on the surface and the thin and greasy liquid below have separated) then just add more liquid, whether it’s milk or cream, and whisk until the gravy begins to recombine. If your gravy is too thick, ditch the cornstarch and use a few teaspoons of water to help thin the consistency.