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9 Best Fast Food Salads, Ranked
By Melissa Lee
When you want a salad at a fast food spot, it helps to know if it’s worth it, so we ranked the worst and best, starting with Burger King’s Chicken Club Salad. Outside of its 600 calories and higher price of $7.49, the ingredients themselves aren’t very exciting, described by Insider as "bland, stringy, and boring."
9. BK's Chicken Club Salad
McDonald’s Southwest Salad isn’t too bad, featuring 350 calories per serving and yummy ingredients like grilled chicken, beans, lime, and tortilla chips. While its caloric value is decent, the rest of the nutritional value could be better, as it contains an especially high amount of sodium and saturated fat levels.
8. McDonald's Southwest
Wendy’s Avocado Chicken Salad is good but not great, with a tasty southwest dressing, crispy bacon, and fresh vegetables. It comes with a glob of avocado on top, which may not be for everyone, offering 33 grams of fat and 520 calories per serving.
7. Avocado Chicken Salad
Panera’s Asian Sesame Chicken Salad is a yummy mix of Asian-inspired flavors, featuring romaine lettuce, chicken, toasted almonds, and sesame seeds and only 420 calories per serving. However, the chicken tasted a bit dry and unseasoned, and the salad is $11.79 for a full serving.
6. Panera's Asian Sesame
Chick-Fil-A’s Market Salad has grilled chicken, mixed greens, blue cheese, apples, strawberries, blueberries, Zesty Apple Cider Vinaigrette dressing, roasted almonds, and harvest nut granola. We love the variety of ingredients, but it has 540 calories for the cold chicken option and 550 for warm chicken.
5. Chick-Fil-A Market Salad