woman holding gigantic strawberry ice cream, 3 scoops with a flake in the top
3 Countries Celebrate A National 'Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast' Day
By Kelly Douglas
You may have already heard of National Ice Cream Day, but what many ice cream lovers don't know is that three countries celebrate the holiday with a serving of ice cream in the morning. On February 4, residents of these three countries dive into bowls of ice cream for breakfast.
National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast was first celebrated in New York in the 1960s when Florence Rappaport let her six kids eat ice cream for breakfast during a winter storm. Throughout the years, the popularity of the holiday spread throughout the United States, and China began celebrating the holiday in 2003, while Israel adopted the tradition in 2020.
There are plenty of ways to celebrate this holiday — you can pick up an array of flavors at the store, stop by an ice cream shop as soon as they open, or even make your own. National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day may have begun with an overwhelmed mom letting her kids have a little treat, but it's so popular because we all know ice cream is a great idea anytime.