Stacked brownies with nuts shot from above
19 Discontinued Hostess Snacks We Desperately Want Back
By Wendy Gould
Bakery Petites included Crispi Thins, Brownie Delights, and Cake Delights, but by the fall of 2019, the product was failing because Hostess didn't push it very hard upon release.
Bakery Petites
These snack cakes were partially loved for their inclusion of free baseball cards, and while the product would come and go over the years,
it is currently not produced.
Baseball CupCakes
While combining candy bars and brownies sounds great in theory, these treats failed to taste enough like their respective candy bars to please buyers.
Candy Bar Brownies
Released under the Bake Shop sub-label, the swirly CupCake Cookies came in chocolate, strawberry, and lemon, but they disappeared as Hostess closed the doors on its Bake Shop.
CupCake Cookies
This treat layered with devil's food cake, chocolate créme, and icing hit stores in early 1986 and was a best seller by 1988, but was suddenly dismissed in the early 1990s.
Choco Bliss
Fried Twinkies were oven-ready in under 10 minutes. They were an immediate success, but it was fleeting because once they left the freezer section, they never returned.
Fried Twinkies
Carl's Jr.’s Ding Dong Ice Cream Sandwich was a hit during the summer of 2015, although it was only available from May through September.
Ding Dong Ice Cream Sandwich