Pittsburgh, USA     November 28, 2017
14 Trader Joe's Teas, Ranked Worst To First
By Melissa Szaro
If you’re not a true pumpkin spice fan, it’s best to skip this tea. Its spices (pumpkin flavor, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves) are unbalanced and have a bitter aftertaste.
14. Pumpkin Spice Rooibos
TJ's combined matcha green tea powder with at least 15 other ingredients in an attempt to make an instant-latte powder mix, but it’s just way too sweet.
13. Matcha Green Tea Latte
This Earl Grey is a black tea with bergamot oil that needs to be brewed just right. If steeped for too long, the oil tastes bitter, so you’ll need to experiment with brewing times.
12. Organic Earl Grey
Trader Joe's peppermint tea has a smooth taste, lovely aroma, and is a great caffeine-free herbal tea. However, its flavor is weak, so you may need to steep two tea bags at once.
11. Organic Peppermint Tea
This organic tea blend adds a tangy, tart, citrusy taste to the Rooibos’ flavor, and is perfectly subtle and simple. The flavor holds no matter how the tea is prepared.
10. Blood Orange Rooibos
The base of this seasonal favorite is black tea with extra natural flavors, blackberry leaves, hibiscus, and calendula flowers. The flavors are well-balanced with a hint of mango.
9. Mango Black Tea
This tea mixes organic green tea with organic spearmint and organic lemongrass, resulting in an refreshing Moroccan-inspired sweet tea. It is tasty whether served hot or cold.
8. Moroccan Mint Green