Fresh red snapper and dog fish on sale at a fish market with name and price tag on display in London
14 Cheap Fish You Should Always Steer Clear
Of Buying
By Jay Wilson
1. Imported Catfish
High demand for catfish has led to outsourcing production to other countries, and while it might lower the fish’s price, this could lead to health risks.
Places like China and Vietnam have different fishing and environmental practices, and some fish have been found to contain pathogens, chemicals, or antibiotics.
2. Atlantic Cod
Atlantic cod has been fished consistently throughout history; however, the fish’s population has plummeted due to its growing demand and technological advances in the late ‘90s.
The situation has improved, but the Atlantic cod is still vulnerable. To protect the fish, look for cod that has been sustainably sourced, as indicated by the blue MSC label.
3. Rock Salmon
Also known as the spiny dogfish, the Rock salmon thrives in many different water types. This has led to it being a cheap and popular option, but also to it becoming endangered.
Rock salmon is used for human and pet food, as well as non-culinary purposes like farming. The fish can also contain pollutants, making it a danger for pregnant women.
4. Skate
Although the skate can be inexpensive and readily available at your local fish market, the fish can be challenging to prepare if you don’t know what you’re doing.
In addition to having a higher-than-average potential for toxicity, the skate wing can be chewy and dense if cooked too soon, and it will turn rancid quickly if left out too long.
5. Farmed Salmon
Salmon farming is quickly growing into one of the largest food production methods worldwide, but these farms can have significant adverse environmental impacts.
Farmed salmon can have increased levels of pollutants in the form of polychlorinated biphenyls compared to those caught in the wild, with those from Alaska containing the least.