Open can of crab meat
13 Of The Best Canned Crab Meat Brands You Can Buy
By Jennifer Anyabuine
1. Chicken of the Sea
Chicken of the Sea crab meat is nutrient-dense and made from blue swimming crabs with a sweet buttery flavor one consumer describes as "far superior to less expensive canned crab."
Chicken of the Sea wins the heart of consumers with its century-long history of providing great quality seafood and devotion to sustainable, ethically-sourced food.
2. Crown Prince
Crown Prince partners with independent fishermen who harvest fresh blue swimming crab off the Indonesian coast. This product has only fresh crab meat in salt water and citric acid.
One happy consumer commented, "this crabmeat brand is excellent and fresh tasting. you can actually see bits & pieces of crab."
3. Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee white crab meat nourishes you with 16 grams of protein, 15% calcium, and 2% iron per serving. It provides shoppers with large lumps of crab meat at an affordable price.
The taste of fresh crabs is one reason shoppers choose Bumble Bee. It has citric acid and disodium pyrophosphate to lock in the natural flavors.
4. Flower Brand
Flower brand is one of the few low-sodium canned crab meat options with 140 milligrams in one serving, and it also has less cholesterol than most.
For its price, Flower Brand canned crabs meat gives consumers an excellent experience. One person said that it's "Excellent to add to [a] garden salad or to make a seafood plate."
5. Phillips
Phillips is a family-owned brand that makes various categories of canned crab meat, including lump, special, claw, and cocktail claw.
The company doesn't add sugar or other sweeteners and has two main ingredients, wild-caught crab meat and sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP), to prevent struvite crystals.