two glasses of lager beer bumping on white background with shadow
13 Non-Alcoholic Beers Ranked Worst To First
By Jacob Smith
13. Budweiser Zero
On Beer Advocate, one consumer described Budweiser Zero, saying "The nose is pretty neutral, mild cereal grains taking up pretty much all of the space.”
They continue, “The body is rather light, with a light moderate carbonation and a watery feel. Not truly bad, but nothing that I would ever have again."
12. Heineken 0.0
Heineken 0.0 tastes almost identical to the brand's regular lager, and paired with the brand’s commitment to marketing, this non-alcoholic beer has become very successful.
Heineken 0.0 was even named the United Kingdom's favorite non-alcoholic beer at one time, but while this brew is refreshing and dependable, it's also nothing special.
11. Suntory, All-Free
Suntory’s All-Free has many of the same characteristics of regular beer without any alcohol or calories, a significant feat that warrants a purchase for novelty, if nothing else.
To make it, fermentation is bypassed and alternative methods are used. Head of product development Yuichi Kato said they tried "more than 400 formulas” before getting it right.
10. Erdinger Weissbier
Marketed as a post-workout beverage, Erdinger Weissbräu is a delightful representation of non-alcoholic wheat beer in the traditional German style.
A happy reviewer on the Tesco website said the "[flavor] and zing lasts throughout the drinking experience as does the head," unlike many other non-alcoholic beers.
9. BrewDog Nanny State
BrewDog’s original non-alcoholic beer Nanny State is widely enjoyed, with one Tesco reviewer saying: “of all the non-alcohol beers I've tried this is the very best.”
Beyond the basic Nanny State beer, BrewDog's non-alcoholic beverage range is extremely diverse, ranging from citrusy IPAs to fruity sours so that there's something for everyone.