Two cinnamon rolls against a white background
12 Store-Bought Cinnamon Rolls, Ranked Worst To First
By Trevor Carlson
Store-bought cinnamon rolls are a convenient option, but can vary greatly in quality, like the Big Texas pre-packaged cinnamon rolls. Unfortunately, customers have recently said that their quality has gone downhill, noting that they are smaller than they used to be and are also so dry that even microwaving them a bit doesn't seem to help.
12. Big Texas
The main problem with Hostess cinnamon buns is the quality of the cake itself, which many customers complain is stale and dry. This is quite a disappointment, considering that the magic of a great cinnamon roll mostly lies in its moist, almost gooey center.
11. Hostess
Rather than thin white stripes of icing, Tastykake’s cinnamon buns have an evenly spread, smooth layer of icing across the top, ensuring a taste of icing with every bite. However, at least one Amazon reviewer noted that these cinnamon buns are a little on the bland side, leading us to think that not enough cinnamon was used.
10. Tastykake
Entenmann’s offers its cinnamon rolls in single-serving bags or in larger boxes, and they have an impressive moistness to them, which helps set them apart from the rest. The icing is a bit thin, but it has a good flavor, and the cinnamon sugar swirls inside the roll are thick and delicious.
9. Entenmann’s
Great Value’s cinnamon rolls come in a pressurized tube, which is pretty much a guaranteed sign they’re better than the ones in plastic bags. However, these cinnamon rolls seem to have mixed reviews: Some describe them as soft and fluffy, while others say they're flat and dense, claiming that their quality has recently gone downhill.
8. Great Value