Homemade Italian beef lasagna with cheese and sauce.
12 Celebrity Chef Tips For Cooking Delicious Lasagna
By Jay Wilson
1. Michael Symon
According to Michael Symon, no-boil noodles never belong in lasagna. Symon said, "Don't bother with those no-boil noodles — they compromise the texture."
Regular lasagna noodles will take longer to prepare, so just make sure you factor in the necessary time, and read the instructions on the packaging carefully.
2. Alex Guarnaschelli
Alex Guarnaschelli regularly sidesteps the problem of a soggy and overcooked interior by using her broiler to achieve a perfectly crispy lasagna.
In a post on Instagram, the "Chopped" judge shared an image of her lasagna, which boasts a showstopping crispy topping with browned, lightly charred cheese.
3. Giada De Laurentiis
Rather than using traditional pasta sheets, Giada De Laurentiis makes lasagna using cheese ravioli, which is an excellent time-saving move.
The cheese-filled pasta replaces both the pasta sheets and the ricotta cheese. Preparation will be simpler, and your lasagna will be consistently cheesy and easy to separate.
4. Lorenzo Boni
Lightly rubbing your cooking dish with fat is one of the easiest ways to elevate your lasagna, according to Lorenzo Boni.
This will stop anything from getting trapped on the bottom or the sides of the dish as it cooks, ensuring that everything gets released when you slice into it.
5. Ina Garten
Garten uses a particularly tangy cheese to elevate her ground turkey lasagna — goat's cheese. "I know it's unusual in a lasagna, but I think it gives a great flavor," she said.
Goat's cheese has an especially complex, slightly briny taste, which underpins and deepens the slightly milder flavor of ground turkey.