Hands holding a piece of wholemeal toasted bread topped with scrambled eggs on sliced avocado
11 Ways Scrambled Eggs Are Enjoyed Around The World
By Xan Indigo
Scrambled eggs are a popular breakfast dish served in different ways around the world, and in Hawaii, you’ll find scrambled eggs served alongside Spam and rice. The Spam is pan-fried and served hot, the rice is topped with Japanese furikake seasoning, and the eggs are typically scrambled but can be fried, as well.
Spam and Rice – Hawaii
Akuri is a scrambled egg dish enjoyed by the Parsi people of India, packed with flavorful ingredients like onions, tomatoes, fresh green chillies, and garlic. First the vegetables are sautéd, then the eggs are added, which should be soft and slightly runny, before serving with chapati or pita bread.
Akuri – India
This Sunday breakfast dish comes with plantains, yams, or bread (traditionally a dense Agege bread) and can be served with a protein like fish or corned beef. The eggs are scrambled with diced onion, garlic, tomatoes, red bell peppers, and (most importantly) scotch bonnet pepper, which gives a spicy kick and a hot pepper fragrance.
Egg Sauce – Nigeria
Okinawan cuisine is distinct from Japanese in its ingredients and style, and while several chanpurū (stir-fry) recipes exist, goya chanpurū is the most famous. It uses goya (aka bitter melon) and typically either tofu or Spam, and of course includes beaten eggs that scramble while stir-frying the dish, which gently bind the ingredients together.
Goya Chanpurū – Okinawa
Migas is a classic Mexican breakfast that utilizes leftover tortillas, which are chopped into pieces and fried in a pan to make crispy tortilla chips. The eggs are then added to the same pan and scrambled around the chips with vegetables like tomatoes or jalapeños, resulting in a dish with a fantastic blend of textures.
Migas – Mexico