Bag of cheesy popcorn isolated on white
Ranking 10 Snack Popcorn Brands From Worst
To Best
By Raphael Garcia
10. Boom Chicka Pop
Boom Chicka Pop offers whole-grain, gluten-free, and vegan popcorn with no artificial preservatives. It comes in many flavors, such as white cheddar and sea salt.
While this variety is great for those looking for healthier popcorn, the lack of the aforementioned ingredients lowers the taste quality of the product.
9. Trader Joe's Popcorn
Trader Joe's popcorn is billed as a healthier option that comes in a wide range of unique flavors. It offers great taste with a mix of unusual ingredients.
The challenge that knocks this brand down on our list is that Trader Joe's is not readily available in all major markets. It can be hard to find, making it a less viable option.
8. Safe & Fair
Safe & Fair popcorn includes unique flavors such as Birthday Cake, Everything Bagel, and Dill Pickle, but its high price (over $6 a bag) knocks it down on the list.
7. Pipcorn
Pipcorn is unique because it uses the heirloom kernel, which makes it crunchier and more flavorful, and it comes in multiple flavors such as sea salt, spicy cheddar, and truffle.
The problem with Pipcorn is that it is difficult to find in major grocery stores. You can order the product in bulk from the company website, but this is costly and more difficult.
6. Smartfood
Smartfood popcorn is gluten-free with no artificial flavors and a low-calorie count of only 60 calories per cup. There are many different flavors, including variations of cheddar.
The brand also includes other specialty recipes and snacks featuring popcorn, including White Chocolate Easter Popcorn, Cheesy Taco Popcorn, Spicy Jalapeño Ranch, and more.