Steve Nash Fitness World

Row 1

1214 Howe St (Davie St)
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1R2
(604) 681-3232

Foursquare Tips

  • The staff here are very friendly and offer very good advise.
  • Welcome to 1982.
  • Just started at this gym because it's close. Can't believe how many people DON'T put there weights away!? Maybe more signs. (in different languages) ridiculous...
  • Keep that heart rate up to at least 120bpm for at least 20.
  • Another day...
  • another torture day.... hehehe
  • to start my day...
  • morning workout...
  • spending time and effort in the gym is not a joke... :-) :
  • If you can go to the North Shore location. It's huge!
  • Get fit! Have a great workout.
  • It is a lucky day when it actually opens at 8 am on a Saturday
  • what is happening? is this a gym or a time-share presentation. stop selling to my every 15 minutes. there was a palm reader here the other day. A PALM READER. wtf.
  • Sweat once a day