Stephen Colbert Really Likes His Pumpkin Pie Filling

Watch as he helps Emeril Lagasse for a cooking demo on 'Good Morning America'

Emeril Lagasse was showcasing how to cook with pumpkin this fall (pumpkin pie, duh) on Good Morning America yesterady, only to be joined by Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, who was also a guest on the show. And while Lagasse rushed through everything from pumpkin pie to pumpkin soup to pumpkin lasagna (all looking delicious), Colbert was super hung up on the pumpkin pie filling, dipping his hands into the batter to try every batch.

As with all morning talk shows, the cooking demos were crunched for time. Colbert was charged with rolling out pie crust, whisking together the filling, and pouring the filling (albeit messily) into the pie shell. As Eater notes, he plays most of the demo straight, but does ask when he gets to say, "Bam!" The answer: Whenever he wants. Also, kapow! Now if only all cooking had such great sound effects.