Stephen Colbert Does Not Approve of Digital Cup

Vessyl, a calorie-counting cup, is the butt of Colbert’s jokes
Stephen Colbert
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Stephen Colbert doesn't mind making fun of this new food gadget.

These days it seems that intelligent appliances that can count calories for you are all the rage. GE has recently been working on a microwave prototype that can measure the amount of calories in your food, and now Vessyl, a digital cup, is doing the same. Vessyl does not just measure the calories of your drink, it also tells you what it is that you are drinking and measures sugar and caffeine content as well.

The goal of Vessyl is to help drinkers track their nutrition in real time and help them make healthier choices.

Stephen Colbert, however, does not approve of this product, and revealed his issues with it on last night’s episode of the Colbert Report. In a hilarious segment on Vessyl, Colbert praises it for doing all the things that a cup can already do, like hold liquids and stand upright on a table. He also claims that all the information that Vessyl gives you is already on the packaging of whatever you’re drinking.

Colbert does approve of one problem that Vessyl can solve for us, though. In the segment, he says, “There’s so many times when Vessyl’s beverage identifying technology will come in handy, like when you order a coke but it kind of tastes like a Diet Coke, but you’re not sure.” Colbert was so inspired by Vessyl that he decided to announce his newest idea, called Toylyt, which will track “all of your 1.0 and 2.0 downloads in real time.”

Watch the full video of Stephen Colbert’s reaction to Vessyl here.

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