Stephen Colbert, Brian Williams Not Fans of New Millennials Campbell's Soups

The 2 hosts skewered the new soups targeted to hip, younger soup drinkers

Campbell’s new line of "hip" bagged soups got completely skewered on the talk show rounds last night, as both Stephen Colbert and Brian Williams decided to bag on the new line, catered toward "millennials."

"The folks at Campbell’s officially marked the end of the world this week by launching a new line of soups for the millennial generation," Williams said. And among other amazing soup attributes (like the ability to "warm themselves just by thinking about themselves"), the line is also super hip, with "glasses frames, overly enthusiastic people, smoked Gouda, unpronounceable chicken with poblano chiles. It’s so hoody-themed and Brooklyn-y and thoughtful yet fun-loving," Williams says.

Colbert also points out that the new line has something else going for it: Capri soup. "Just jam a straw in it," he says. Add on Campbell’s collaboration with Spotify, asking people to come up with playlists based off the "persona" of a soup, and Colbert is completely annoyed by this marketing campaign. "It’s like a mixtape you make for your girlfriend," he says, "only your girlfriend is a bag of soup." Watch it all below.




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