Statesman Bat Observation Center

Scenic Lookout, Other Outdoors
305 S Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78704


  • "Driving across the Congress Avenue Bridge, you'd never know the world's largest urban bat colony (1.5 million at summer peak) lives under it ... unless you show up at sundown to see them."
  • Best view - top of the bridge! The bats fly away in small groups and its really nice to see the line of bats flying away. Quite an event you should definitely see in Austin while you are here!
  • If you go in the day under the bridge, you can hear the bats n___n
  • Hear us out. Every night at dusk during March-November 1.5 million Mexican free tailed bats take flight from underneath Congress Ave Bridge. Watch it from a riverboat, or a nearby patio bar.
  • Long waiting time. Need to select the right spot to watch bats flying from their sleeping locations
  • It's cool to see the bats fly out but the view is a little limited by the trees but it is consistent because it's right under them.
  • Bat's typically migrate out from under this bridge. It's actually a sick sight.
  • Visit sunset view great
  • We went during March and there weren't as many bats, but we did see a few!
  • Parking rates here are an extortion. To see the bats you just need 15 min, but there is 3 hrs minimum parking for $6.
  • 1.5MM bats? They were like british people: really, really on time.
  • Go after the sun sets
  • Peak times for bats are around dusk.
  • Es mejor verlos desde abajo
  • If you're warm-blooded, wear OFF! insect repellent. I didn't, and got bitten alive.
  • Towards the end of summer it gets dark earlier so you can't see the bat stream as well when they leave. Earlier in the summer is best!
  • Saw no bats, and then it started to rain horribly

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