Starliner Diner (火箭餐廳)

Food Court
Tomorrowland, Hong Kong Disneyland, Penny's Bay, Lantau Island


  • The food here looks good, if a bit bland.
  • infinity and beyond!
  • Try the "Jack" Chicken burger combo...
  • Go inside, they have power plugs in 2 locations. Really useful for charging your iPhone...
  • Really, pick a different restaurant. Burgers are those frozen $5 for a box of 40 type and Chicken is exactly like the type you get in a TV dinner. Any of the other places are better.
  • Definitely should try the Chicken Wings Combo. Service is fast and efficient.
  • Fries are good with coke for a mid day perk me up to feed your inner child. I mean it's Disneyland anyway, indulge yourself.
  • Best place to grab a quick meal such as burgers & fries, chicken and pudding.
  • Food is worth it especially if you're tired from usual Disneyland food.
  • Don't get the Baymax burger. It's cute but doesn't taste good. GET THE FRIED CHICKEN!! So good
  • Go for the American style food if you need a Western fix.
  • The fried chicken is actually pretty damn tasty! Good "Amercan style" flavor and crispy too. Comes with a plastic glove to eat with!
  • Fried chicken and chicken flavored rice FTW. :)
  • Nice to avoid killing heat outside... :-$
  • The fried chicken is far worse than KFC and Jolibee
  • The burger is nasty and the fries are blehhh
  • You can't make a burger much worse than you'll find here!

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