Coffee Shop
8750 Genesee Ave
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 784-0076
4:45am - 11:00pm
4:45am - 11:00pm
4:45am - 11:00pm
4:45am - 11:00pm
4:45am - 11:00pm
5:30am - 11:00pm
5:30am - 11:00pm



  • Excellent team of baristas! Great location, always clean and wonderful outdoor seating.
  • Finding a table inside is like winning the lottery.
  • Just another Sunday from hell, said the barista as she walked to her break. No kidding, the line was twelve deep. Normally fine, but stay away on Sundays.
  • This place is full of wired looking nerdos..graph your beverage and checkout as fast as u can
  • Often busy inside but all seats reach an outlet, seating outdoors often available but no outdoor outlets. Paul is a good mgr, well-run.
  • Been coming here for the last 5 years bc I love the baristas at this location. Also recently remodeled. Inside seating: ~7 two-tops, 1 large table that seats 8, and ~5 seats by the window.
  • Hecka stingy here. They still charge for syrup and refills even though you have gold card, unlike other SB. Plus tables are hard to find open.
  • It may just be chance but the baristas are not the friendliest in the world... At least on Sunday at 10am
  • Not enough indoor seating. :(
  • They messed up my simple drink 5 days out of 6 for vacation. Quite frustrating. The one day the lady was quite nice though, if that counts.
  • The best place to concentrate on studying.
  • Taste your drink before you leave. Mine tasted watered down or they forgot to add something
  • When u don't have time to drive over to the Villa La Jolla location which is way faster and so friendly
  • Mobile order available here. Yeah.
  • It's just another Starbucks. New Frappuccino is great :-)
  • Every drink bi love the soy skvl iced and the chai tea latte yummy! Service is great too!
  • The people are having so much fun working here! Get your favorite with room to study/work. Within walking distance to the mall.
  • i miss that place.. :(
  • Wow they're open on Xmas Day 12/25/2013.
  • Staff is great always willing to make your drink as you want it.

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