Coffee Shop
12313 Jefferson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90230
(310) 823-3479
4:15am - 9:00pm
4:15am - 9:00pm
4:15am - 9:00pm
4:15am - 9:00pm
4:15am - 9:00pm
4:30am - 9:00pm
5:00am - 9:00pm



  • No parking. Horrible!
  • Sketchiest Starbucks of all time. Parking sucks. Always a line. Potentially lethal traffic on Jefferson and Centinela. But man what are you going to do when you need your fix?
  • Park on Juliette off of Centinela. Parking at this location is awful. It's jam packed & hard to maneuver in and out of. Short walk through the alley and your there. Beats wasting time trying to park.
  • The baristas here don't know how to make a caramel macchiato to save themselves.
  • Parking lot could be the closest thing to hell in the morning...
  • Try iced green tea, sweetened w a splash of lemonade :)
  • DON'T worry about the parking situation. Parking a block away isn't too convinient for a starbucks. People are always coming and going. If you wait a few seconds a spot will open up.
  • This Starbucks has some of the nicest and most on-the-ball staffers ever.
  • Free wifi for everyone now!
  • Parking in the lot can be tricky. Try street parking one street north of Jefferson.
  • Friendly Staff
  • The caramel apple spice is delicioso. Also try my favorite, the marshmallow dream bar.
  • Is it me or do they crank up the AC around 530-6 in here?
  • take a walk, take a breath, and remember: it's just advertising.
  • Mobile order is only convenient if they have the food that you ordered.
  • This SB needs to get expanded to accommodate it's daily traffic. Not sure why it's not a drive thru since geographically and demographically there's a need for it. Parking is a joke here
  • baristas here are awesome. parking can suck though!
  • the parking lot situation sucks and is ALWAYS full
  • VERY Cool baristas (more so than other locations), clean restrooms that are more tucked away from your Starbucks experience, side room area off to the side, parking is kind of tight but, manageable
  • Please find a way to have a drive thru here- your parking lot is useless

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