The St. Louis Beer to Drink Now

Introducing the 'Sticke It to the Man' brew

Courtesy of O'Fallon Brewery

Following the many craft breweries, and innovative craft beers, to pop up in St. Louis, O'Fallon Brewery has added a new beer to the lineup that we're excited for: the "Sticke It to the Man" brew. 

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch shares that the beer is a "Sticke (pronounced SHTICK-uh) Alt beer, which is a darker, hoppier version of the traditional Dusseldorf Alt style." The German brew, the first of the Brewer's Stash collection of high-gravity, limited-edition beers, will only be in stores from May to August. “Our new ‘Brewer’s Stash’ series, and Sticke It to the Man in particular, are really targeted at beer drinkers who are looking to discover big, bold, special beers,” said Brian Owens, O’Fallon Brewery’s brewmaster to the Post-Dispatch. “Technically it’s a Sticke Alt which is pretty unusual style. The beer has a medium to full body, notes of caramel and toasted, nutty malt complemented with floral German Noble hops."