Squire Lounge

Dive Bar
1801 E Colfax Ave (at Williams St)
Denver, CO 80218
(303) 333-9106

The grungiest of dive bars, Squire Lounge isn't the cleanliest of spots. Its redemption comes with its cheap beer, old school atmosphere, and the slow pace of life that consumes the bar.





  • karaoke and shit...
  • Come with friends, drink a Bionic Beaver, play some tunes on the jukebox. You're guaranteed to have an interesting convo with someone here.
  • Nice place if you like dives, but had to bus my own table and the bartenders didn't tip me out...
  • Update looks great!
  • Stop by. Total renovation. Super cool mural uncovered on East wall.
  • Jake sucks. Every other bartender is so fun, accepting, and kind. Jake never comps drinks, lets anyone in an alternative lifestyle, or lets pets in. He is awful.
  • Go see Jake on Wednesdays and Thursdays! Just don't try anything slick... He's spoken for! ;)
  • It smells like urine just like any fine dive bar
  • Play the quarter shot bell game
  • If you like jameson whiskey, try powers, it's a bit smoother
  • If you wanna see the bar Bitch talk to her friends and give poor service go Wednesday night! Other wise go when Cam or Keley is when working... Like butta!
  • You see a while variety of diff ppl here it's coo! Plus $1.50 drafts ;)
  • Cum every Friday for the most Awesome, Rockeroke in Denver!
  • Visit Nick on Wednesday nights!!

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