Square Saint-Louis

rue Du-Square-Saint-Louis (entre St-Denis & avenue Laval)
Montréal, QC H2X 1A5


  • There has been a big "clean-up" but don't dream of conservative landscapes, this IS Montreal... the casual homeless holds residency. I do agree the contrast is great since the clean-up, the park is no
  • Wifi gratuit dans le Square St-Louis gracieuset d'lesansfil.org ^__^ /// Free wifi in the Square, provided by lesansfil.org
  • the park is now lively with relax people, tidy grass, flowers in many spots, and the fountain finally works. Plus there's an absolutely wonderous romantic little shop at the south end, from the pre-pr
  • Lots of seating- it might be the best picnic spot measured by distance to the metro. I love to go to Marche Jean-Talon, grab some fruit, and pop down here on the Metro to have a little picnic.
  • Quiet, peaceful place
  • Perhaps the most photogenic park on the Plateau. Beautiful Second Empire architecture!
  • A pretty and peaceful place to spend the late afternoon
  • Really nice place, the heart of the old Montral.
  • Enjoy and shut-up
  • This lovely parc brings back memories. While the restoration has given it new life, people tend to litter all over the place - sad to see. The homeless aren't so bad. Let's keep this park CLEAN
  • Watch out for hidden cameras for the Just for laugh pranks in summer time!
  • 420 friendly park.
  • Tout neuf !
  • Les travaux taien pas des tout ncessaires, il faudrait ne pas effacer son caractre exceptionnel. voirle rsultat
  • En rnovation !
  • Don't miss Emile Nelligan's statue! He's one our greatest poets.
  • I love junkies !
  • Les travaux pour le Carr St-Louis commenceront cet automne et se termineront au printemps 2013 ! Finalement !
  • J'ai bien hte que la Ville, ramnage le Square St-Louis car il est un peu dfrachi depuis quelque temps, hlas! / Can't wait that the City redevelop it because it doesn't look nice anymore!
  • Best place to have a picnic!

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