Sprite and Lemonade Come Together In New Sprite Lymonade

A favorite home recipe is now ready-mixed and on store shelves
Sprite Lymonade
Sprite/istockphoto.com/modified by The Daily Meal

Lemonade may seem like the perfect summer drink, but for years, fans have been improving it at home by adding a splash (or a giant glug) of Sprite to a glass (or pitcher). Now fans of this sweet-tart mix can quit their home bartending jobs, because Coca-Cola has created Sprite Lymonade.

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The official Sprite Instagram account bubbled over this week with the news. A short video teased social-media messages from fans who are already mixing the two drinks at home, and raving about the results.

“Pro tip: Get half-Sprite with half-lemonade. So good!” one note reads.

“You’ve been mixing Sprite and Lemonade for a minute,” the video caption reads. “Stay tuned for what’s next. We think you’re gonna like it.”


Coca-Cola didn’t respond to a request for comment, but fans have been locating the new drink and sharing images on social media. Brand Eating reports that 20-ounce bottles have been rolling out nationwide.


In the meantime, if you can’t find Sprite Lymonade, you can keep on making your own at home. And check out the world’s 17 craziest soft drinks.