Spring Into Entertaining

Get prepped for the warm weather ahead with these ideas

Spring is officially upon us! On the East Coast and the West Coast alike, flowers are starting to bloom and the grass is becoming a little greener. Warmer weather brings with it a ton of options for entertaining — patio dining, a picnic in the park, and a lighter, more seasonal menu make spring a season to welcome with open arms.

It’s best to shop for lush vegetables, seasonal ingredients, and a little liquid sunshine when prepping for a gathering, whether it's an intimate group or a surplus of friends for brunch, lunch, drinks, or dinner. If in need of some guidance, look no further than the list below. It will get you through spring and onto summer faster than you can say "bikini."


8 Must-Cook Foods for Spring Entertaining

A good place to start, this guide shares what to cook now that we’re in a new season. Spring means iron-filled greens like ramps and spinach, fresh berries, bountiful herbs — and nice weather, which is all the more reason to turn on the grill (for those who don’t during the winter). Make this a go-to list for foods in the next few months.


Stress-Free Spring Dinner Parties with Style

Hosting can always be a bit hectic, but there’s a way to throw a party in effortless fashion. Stick with a simple menu, get a little organized, and voilà — a charming spring night filled with great food, good company, and easy cleanup.


A Dinner Menu to Celebrate Spring

Here are five courses of seasonally inspired dishes that consist of fresh salads, juicy cherries, and a rack of lamb so delectable you'll want to remake this dish all spring long.



Outdoor Cocktail Party

As the sun sets later and the nights get warmer, the patio or backyard looks mighty enticing. The only thing to do is, you guessed it, have a cocktail party. Craft an appetizer menu with rich cheeses, cured meats, fresh bread, and tons of vegetables and pair it with creative cocktails to match.


Romantic Picnic for Two Menu

The next few months bring a little spring fever, it’s inevitable. With the sun, the skin, and the outdoors, romance is sure to follow. Prepare for such a situation and pack a picnic for two... in the park, shall we say?



The Perfect Picnic Lunch Menu

Want the picnic without the mushy gushy? Have a girlfriends picnic or a day with the family and use this portable menu filled with sandwiches, salads, and vegetables. Don’t forget the double fudge brownies. What’s a picnic without them?