Spouting Horn State Park

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Foursquare Tips

  • Spouting Horn was formerly dwarfed by adjacent blowhole Kukuiula Seaplume, which would shoot as high as 200 feet into the air. It was blown up in the 20s by a cane plantation worker!
  • A powerful geyser of water that on a good day shoots up to 15 feet high fountain of water into the air.
  • A good spot to see and hear the Spouting Horn and keep your eyes open for sea turtles.
  • You're not supposed to feed the chickens but the baby chicks are so dang cute!
  • Even at low tide you can see the water spouting!
  • Amazing...
  • come see the wild chickens!
  • Really cool! Must see quick stop!
  • Did you bring your gopro?
  • A few vendors (unwilling to haggle) on the way to the blow spouts. If you look carefully, you can see pretty big turtles in the tide pools, probably eating crabs! Stray cats wander around too.
  • Need to go there when there's a decent swell
  • Easy to get to and one of the more beautiful blowholes we saw during our time in Hawaii.
  • How can you go wrong with spouting water, whales and sea turtles while the wife buys over prices souvenirs.
  • Nice lookout area. Come at sunset.
  • Wait for it... Then take a picture. Amazing.
  • Come for a beautiful sunset and then watch all the chickens go to the trees to roost at night!
  • Also a few vendors here with reasonable prices.
  • Beautiful natural wave spout! And if you pay attention, you may see a passing whale or two.
  • Wait for a windy day. Big waves means big water sports!
  • Don't feed the chickens or feral cats. Mahalo!