Sports Stars to Cook on 'Chopped' This Season

Charity episode has Tiki Barber and Danica Patrick face off in the kitchen
Facebook/Danica Patrick

Race car driver Danica Patrick will compete on an episode of 'Chopped' this season.

The world’s athletes have a lot of things going for them. But can they cook? It’d be fun if they couldn’t, because then the rest of us would have a good chance to watch celebrities burn things on the upcoming sports star theme episode of Chopped this season.

According to Food Network Gossip, the competitive cooking show will air a special one-off episode in September, where sports celebrities will face off over a stove to win money for charity. The competitors will include football player Tiki Barber, race car driver Danica Patrick, Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, and bodyguard and amateur boxer Chuck Zito.

According to Food Network, the competitors "feel right at home in the kitchen," and the first course they tackle will involve salmon dishes. In the second round, we’ll get to see everybody stress out over chocolate-covered marshmallows, which are apparently very difficult to work with. For the finale, the competitors must figure out how to do something interesting with olive oil cake.

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The episode is scheduled to air Sept. 3, and the sports stars will be competing to win money for their charities.