Gas Station, Convenience Store
369 E Oklahoma Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207
(414) 481-6550


  • Nice thing about speedway is cash and credit is the same price and premium is always 20 cents more than regular unlike some of the others...
  • mpd always is there hanging out. Be very careful.
  • The home of Wells Fargo Bank ATMs
  • They have a 52 oz. Cup now for your liquid enjoyment.
  • TRY THE NEW MILKSHAKE/FROZEN COFFEE MACHINE!!!! It's the best you'll ever have. F'real.
  • French Vanilla is great.
  • Try the HOT DOGs!
  • At any given time, at least one pump isn't working correctly. Since they only have eight, that's pretty impressive.
  • I really like the air machine. It's a dollar, but you can use coins or a credit card. You set the pressure and it will stop once the tire reaches it or let out any extra air if its over inflated.
  • Love the columbian coffee here.
  • The gas is cheaper on 6th n becher

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