Sparrow Bar + Cookshop: The Best Bar in Houston

The Best Bar in Houston

For a drinking and dining experience that is never the same, be sure to check out Sparrow Bar + Cookshop in Houston, TX.

The bar and restaurant features a menu on its website, but warns that it changes vastly on a daily basis, “so you might not find these things when you get here. So don’t be getting all mad.”

One thing striking about the venue’s menu is the drink and cocktail selections. They feature a long list of wine and beer selections, but at the bottom are their 12 $10 cocktails.

Skipping the witty names, each drink is known as simply a number, but the drink makes up for that in sheer number and variation of ingredients. For example the “5” is made up of Boca Loca Cachaca, Red Bell pepper puree, muddled basil, OJ, sweet n’sour, worcestershire, tabasco, & lime, while the “1” is made of Tito’s vodka, texas red wine, sangria fusion, sparkling water and fresh fruit.

On their website, the bar is careful not to “blow any smoke” about themselves, but invites customers to stop by because “this is (their) home, and (they'd) like to see your face.”