Spain Wins Big With 19 New Restaurants Awarded the Coveted Michelin Star

Spain Wins Big With 19 New Restaurants Awarded the Coveted Michelin Star

It was both good and bad news for the restaurants in Spain this season when 19 new eateries were awarded Michelin stars for their outstanding cuisine. But while they were celebrating their acceptance to the exclusive club of elite dining establishments, others were lamenting that 2015 would not see Spain awarded the most distinguished of honors—the Michelin three star award. Only one restaurant was awarded a second star, the Aponiente in Cadiz, run by chef Ángel León.

While having 20 starred establishments is already a big win, the country had high hopes to add another three-star restaurant to their repertoire. Currently the country holds only eight three-star restaurants, the same as Italy, but falls short of dining meccas like France, with 26 three-star Michelin restaurants, and Japan, with 20. “There has been a stagnation, that's certain, but we can't create the stars ourselves,” explained Michael Ellis, the international director for Michelin guides. “On the other hand, in the future I see a new generation, I see a generation full of dynamism and creativity.” 

michelin starPhoto Courtesy of Álbora

Thankfully with 19 new restaurants awarded stars, five of which are in Madrid, it softens the blow of losing out on another three-star award. Álbora, DSTAgE, La Cabra, Punto MX and Montia are located in the capital, and Spanish officials are hoping that will translate into tourism to the city. 

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