Hyperspace Mountain (飛越太空山)

Theme Park
Hong Kong Disneyland
Penny's Bay, Hong Kong


  • On the last tunnel, raise your arms and put a funny face. Ready for the pic!
  • Funny that they have the "last-chance-to-exit" sign before the actual departure. Must be really hard for some.
  • It's like a scary roller-coaster ride in the dark. Don't take young children in... Maybe from 12-14 years old onwards...
  • It is thrilling, but not as thrilling as battlestar galactica in USS..
  • The best!!!!
  • Get yourself a fast pass and skip the queues. One pass per entry ticket!
  • Bir X-Wing e binin ve Tie Fighter larlarla karanlk uzayn derinliklerindeki savaa katln. ok yksek sratli ve karanlkta keskin dnlerin olduu roller coaster. Muhteem bir deneyim.
  • This is the old space mountain rejiggered to be Star Wars themed, a little scary for small kids but thrilling because of the high-G turns in the dark.
  • Get there early to ride it as many times as possible. Unlimited free Fast Pass also.
  • Amazing game should try it
  • A "rollercoaster within a 360 dome shaped theater" featuring a Star Wars themed environment will surely bedazzle Star Wars fans (and non-fans). Not for the faint-hearted, be sure to try this ride!
  • Seems there is NO single ride now, still amazing ride! Enjoy!
  • Muy oscuro. Ademas est en cantones. No Fun
  • My first spot in HK Desiny I've visited this year
  • This is my all time favorite!! Utilize the Single Ride, it's very short line like 5 mins regular.
  • This Honk Kong version is very modern, and colorful. US versions are classic, this was clearly newer.
  • Way less thrilling than the one at DisneyWorld, unfortunately. Still fun though!

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