Southwest Airlines Is in Hot Water After Serving Tea

A Tennessee woman is suing Southwest Airlines for serving 'extremely hot water'

Southwest Airlines is in some hot water for serving a cup of tea that allegedly burned an airline customer, according to Global Travel Industry News.

A Tennessee woman is suing the airline for $800,000. Angelica Keller filed a lawsuit on Tuesday over the alleged Dec. 28, 2011 incident. The cup of hot water was placed in another cup that contained a tea bag and condiments and was presented to Keller, who was seated in the front row of the plane which does not have tray tables.

In the suit, Keller claims a flight attendant served her "extremely hot water" on flight 955 from Nashville and Houston. The "plaintiffs efforts to extricate the tea bag from its position of being wedged between the tilted paper 'hot cup' of extremely hot water and the shorter clear plastic soft drink cup, the extremely hot water spilled into her lap at her groin area," according to the lawsuit.

Keller suffered blistering skin, second-degree burns, and permanent scarring from the incident, said her lawyers.

"Our Customers' comfort is our top priority at all times, and we safely serve about 100 million drinks onboard every year," said Southwest Airlines spokesman Chris Mainz. "The referenced event is unfortunate, and we are currently reviewing it. We can't provide additional details due to the pending lawsuit that was filed."

Tayler Stein is a Junior Writer for The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @TaylerSteinTDM.