South Philly Experience

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Two oversize food trucks with graffitied brick wall-pattern exteriors, South Philly Experience covers much of the LA area, for both lunch and dinner, from Venice and Santa Monica to downtown to the Valley. Yes, of course there's cheesesteak. Also Buffalo steak, pizza steak, and so on (including chicken versions of one and all), not to mention, no, not wings but "tails" — more or less chicken fingers, deep-fried in batter and served with Buffalo-style hot sauce, celery, and blue cheese. Dessert? Tastykakes, of course. — Colman Andrews, 11/13/2012


Twitter Handle: @southphillyexp
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  • Chicken pizza steak is insane! One of the best food trucks in LA!
  • Great Truck. Fresh ingredients & a good deal. Quality service.
  • Whiz or go home!
  • Try the whiz witout. If you've never been to Philly, this is the real deal. Accept no substitutes. They have the right meat, the right cheese and the right roll.
  • Not even close to anything philly. Dont waste your time.
  • Wiz fries with bacon are the unsung hero of the menu.
  • Wiz Wit is the way to go. 95% Authentic.
  • Wiz Wit all the way! Best steaks outside of philly.
  • wish the quality of steak was a little higher but generally very authentic to the real sandwich. Few places offer actual Cheese Whiz with their cheese steaks around these parts.
  • Philly steak witout plus wiz. Great place to grab a bite after drinks.
  • Get a Cheesesteak Wiz Witout. Hands down one of the best steaks in LA.
  • Try the buffalo steak sandwich 'wit' onions. Good stuff!
  • Hated the wiz fries...coagulated orange gel once it cools, & super messy. Def use a fork.
  • This place ruuuuuuuulllleeeesssss
  • Meat lovers cheesesteak is excellent!