Sour Beers for Wine Lovers

A guide to sour beers for winos

As the resident beer writer here at Snooth, I am aware that most of you dear readers are wine lovers. I also know (thanks to Nielsen) that about 72 percent of you enjoy a craft beer here and there.

For those of you who haven’t really ventured into the world of delicious beer, I’d like to introduce you to what I call "gateway" beer: sours.

Sours are commonly made with wild yeasts and are often products of spontaneous fermentation. Styles that fall into this pretty broad category include lambic, gueuze, and Flanders red ales — mostly Belgian styles. The brewing process is tricky but when done right it can result in an ale as complex as many wines. Keep in mind, the name rings true; sours are tart but they’re also really good.

In preparation for this guide, I tasted several sours. I’m sharing the ones I think you might like best. Branch out and find your own favorites, too, and let me know about them!

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— Clare Goggin Sivits, Snooth