Soot Bull Jeep

$ $
3136 W 8th St (Catalina)
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 387-3865



  • ask for a plastic bag for your jacket/outerwear so you don't have to clean it later.
  • Barbecue is hardly an American creation. At this Koreatown restaurant, specialties such as bool kogi and kalbi kui are grilled on charcoal-burning braziers in the center of your table
  • The squid looks nasty but it tastes good!
  • Soot Bull Jeep = the best Korean BBQ in LA, maybe all of the US! NOTE: Because they/you use real charcoal to cook the food.. your clothes will smell like a campfire for weeks.
  • Bring a Korean, get better service.
  • Korean BBQ
  • Take a night out with the guys for Korean barbeque the way locals have loved it for years: charcoal grilled from Soot Bull Jeep.
  • Come with massive appetite. The meats are amazing. So is the rest.
  • Galbi at Soot Bull Jeep
  • . . !!
  • tongue is good once the charcoals get going
  • It's all about charcoal grilling and ssam, or lettuce wraps, at this Koreatown institution.
  • The banchan selection is straightforward and old-fashioned, because the real point here is to eat the barbecue as ssam.
  • Meat portions tend to come in generous, hand-cut slabs instead of machine-cut, paper-thin, frozen wisps.
  • Real coals are used to grill the proteins.
  • David LeFevre, chef of Manhattan Beach Post, eats here on his nights off. He loves the Korean barbecue shortribs (kalbi).
  • If you are new to this sort of thing, a waitress will return periodically to make sure that your ignorance of cooking times injures the meat no more than absolutely necessary.
  • Was awesome!!
  • delicious but you end up smelling like smoked meat after! So take a shower if you plan on going out after!
  • This place is notable for its coal grill and steel hood (at your table!) setup. Most of the entrees are $18+ you should know that some moving of meat on the grille is required :D fun stuff.

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