Sony Walkman Rises From the Ashes to Take On Apple With $1.2K Luxury Audio Player

From by Mila Pantovich
Sony Walkman Rises From the Ashes to Take On Apple With $1.2K Luxury Audio Player

The 90's have been reborn with the reappearance of the Sony Walkman! The last time you used one, it may have been while bopping your head along to some sweet Backstreet Boys or Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, while trying to match your scrunchie to your outfit. Amirite? Even though the company has been trying their best to compete in the music player industry this whole time, they haven't been able to reach Apple-like levels of success and haven't had a hit since their CD-Walkman was released in 1999. But now they're hoping to change that with their new luxury hi-res audio handset, the Walkman NW-ZX2, which they unveiled this week at CES in Las Vegas.

A new look means new technology and a much steeper price tag (the 128GB is $1,119.99). For nostalgic purposes, I want to love this, but it's really hard to imagine listening to music on anything other than my iPhone. That said, this little beauty is able to play much more than just MP3, because it can also handle DSD, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless and more, so limitations will be a thing of the past. Check out the video above from CES, in which a member of Sony's Audio Team explains in more detail why this gadget should be on your radar.

Personally, I don't like having my phone weighed down with audio files and typically rely on Spotify to get me through my days. But even that ends up sucking up data and becomes an irritant. If anyone can make me go back to the "good ole days" of music storage, I really want it to be Walkman. What better reason to dust off those embarrassing pop tunes that I loved so much? (Cough, cough 'NYSNC cough.)

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