Sonic Drive-In Adds Sweet Pretzel Twist To Its Menu

The new snack is doused in cinnamon-sugar coating, and served with cream-cheese frosting.

Pretzel lovers will twist themselves up in knots to acquire their favorite snack. But if you live near one of Sonic Drive-In’s 3,500 locations, it’s as easy as cruising in and placing an order. Sonic already had its popular Soft Pretzel Twist on the menu, but those who prefer sweet to salty are now in luck. The chain has added the Sweet Pretzel Twist to its lineup.

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Instead of the salt you’ll find on a Soft Pretzel Twist, the new version features the same soft, buttered pretzel dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. It's more a dessert than a traditional side dish, but eat it whenever you want, we won't tell.

“The savory version of the Soft Pretzel Twist is so popular because it’s a perfect snack or side,” said Scott Uehlein, Sonic vice president of product innovation and development, in a statement. “Our guests are busy, and they don’t always have the time or desire to sit down and enjoy a full meal. Now with the addition of our Sweet Pretzel Twist, we’re able to offer even more snackable options to satisfy any sweet or salty craving.”


A side of creamy, sweet cream-cheese frosting comes along with the treat – because really, this is kind of a doughnut, and you wouldn’t dip a doughnut in regular cheese sauce. The twists will be available for a limited time only for $1.99. Whether or not a sweet pretzel is your idea of a super snack, here are 9 things you didn’t know about Sonic Drive-In.