Sommelier Breaks Wine Glass Holding Record (Without Dropping Any)

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The British sommelier carried 51 wine glasses in his hands

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

For the clumsy, it can be a challenge to carry two or even three glasses of wine. So we thought it was pretty impressive that a British sommelier has smashed the world record for carrying wine glasses with an impressive 51 glasses. 

The man behind the balancing act is Philip Osenton, a sommelier who used to work for the Ritz and Savoy. He told The Drinks Business, "The carrying of glasses is a sommelier thing. When I was head sommelier at the Ritz hotel, I’ve had a 140-cover restaurant to set up in the morning between breakfast and lunch, so basically with two glasses per setting I had 280 glasses to put out with a very short amount of time." That's a lot of wine at once. 

Osenton said he probably could have carried more had he had the right kind of wine glass; the previous record was 39 glasses. Now, let's test him to see how many of those glasses he can hold when they're full. 

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