Someone Created a Cronut Bourbon Milkshake and More News

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In today's Media Mix, a couple gets married at IKEA, plus an app helps you find cheaper wine alternatives
Cronut Bourbon Milkshake
The Guardian

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Cronut Bourbon Milkshake: The folks over at The Guardian put a precious cronut in a blender with ice cream. Genius. [The Guardian]

Humane Foie Gras: A visually breathtaking look at a humane foie gras farm in Spain. [The Atlantic]

Couple Weds at IKEA: An adorable couple got married in an IKEA, the spot where they met for the first time. We hope they served meatballs for the reception. [The Star-Ledger]

Wine Replacements: A wine app that helps you find better, cheaper options for wine is in the works. We kind of want it now. [Business Insider]

Have Cronuts Replaced Cupcakes as the New 'It' Dessert?San Diego’s Donut Bar Reveals Their Cronut

First Cronut Ever: In more cronut news, a Texas chef is claiming that she first invented the croissant-donut hybrid back in February. [Grub Street]