Soho Square

Soho Sq
Soho, Greater London W1D 3QA


  • Soho is thought to come from the hunting and battle cry of the Duke of Monmouth, a local landlord. He used it at the Battle of Sedgemoor where he was defeated in 1685, and later executed.
  • Avoid 'Eye/food-contact' with the pigeons..They are vicious and have no shame!!
  • The pigeons talk to you after dark, but only on sunday nights.
  • A bit of sun and there will be nowhere to sit and all
  • Look out for the 'empty bench in Soho Square' dedicated to singer Kirst MacColl, at the southern end.
  • RIP Soho. The corrupt people at Westminster Council, backed by the Metropolitan Police and so-called Queen of Soho Fawn, is slowly destroying Soho. For fun, look towards the East and South East of Ldn
  • More like Hipster Square
  • Lovely little sun trap. If you come when it's hot and sunny you will see waves of half naked gay men. And vests. Lots of vests.
  • Featuring random free concerts from the harmless yet utterly atmospheric Hare Krishnas.
  • Pigeons are just shit-machines! Best ignore them!
  • Drink is allowed. Everyone drinks here. I am right now!
  • Look for Charles II in the fountain, the French Protestant Church of London & St Patrick's Catholic Church on the perimeter. Green Guide Editor
  • Best park/square in London. Full of freaks and uniques. Always good for people watching.
  • Be sure to check out the stairs leading down to the old WWII-era air-raid shelter under the Square... located on the west end of the park.
  • Cute little square. The garden is walled so you feel isolated. There's a great ambiance here after work.
  • make my day !
  • Do not feed the pigeons nor give money to the ubiquitous beggars. Do eat your lunch or sunbathe (whatever the weather).
  • The gardener's shed features in the film "The League Of Gentlemen's Apocalypse"
  • Don't feed the pigeons! One will turn into a hundred with every bit of pasta you let fall on the floor!
  • Shoot the pigeons, one pooped on me in this square many years ago!

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