Snow Day Food and Drink Fun

Keep cozy and warm in the middle of a snow storm with these indoor ideas

Stay out of the snow and warm up inside with these fun activities and ideas.

It’s snowing here on the East Coast, so obviously we’re thinking of snow day activities. While the first things that come to our mind are angels, snowmen, and sleds, we need to think along the culinary route. 

So how about s’mores, board game menus, and movie drinking games? Ah, that’s more like it.

Here are a few ideas for getting through a classic snow day inside:

TV and Movie Drinking Games
When the weather turns cooler, going out on weekends is not as appealing (especially when it is snowing or raining) as staying in and having friends over. If the chit-chat turns dry, and board games are, well, boring, try popping your favorite movie in the DVD player…

Edible Crafts for Kids
With the winter weather forcing kids to play indoors, keeping them engaged — and from tearing apart the house — can become a challenge for parents.

A Wintertime Guide to Entertaining
Creamy risottos, braised meats, one-pot stew dinners, creative casseroles — these textbook cold-weather items are perfect for mix-and-match menus and are easy to make. For pairing cold-weather drinks head here. 

More S'mores Than You Know What to Do With
One bite of the smoky, rich concoction and you’ll certainly be yearning for another. Who doesn't love s'mores?

Board Game Night Menus
Monopoly is reserved for blizzards, blackouts, and tornados; Candyland is only to be played if there is a fantastic tiara available; and Battleship is just a game, not a real battle.

Warm Yourself Up with a Hot Chocolate Party


Thus, cozy sweaters and afternoons spent lying by the fireplace with a book and a cup of hot cocoa are just about here.