Snoqualmie Falls Hiking Trail

6501 Snoqualmie Parkway
Fall City, WA 98024


  • Short, popular trail. Great for introducing visitors to the beauty of Washington, or for a first hike of the season! It can be steep in spots, but should be manageable for most skill levels.
  • Beautiful trail! The waterfall is amazing looking. Definitely a bit crowded.
  • Short but a good workout! The green moss is enchanting!
  • Easy hike for whoever but amazing view!
  • The recent rain has made the falls huge!
  • Picture perfect between 4:30-5:30pm. Awesome view!
  • Park past the hotel on the road. It's usually the last place to fill up and closest to the trail...and shaded.
  • beautiful, but the trail was closed and the viewpoints were very crowded
  • I love to hike this trail on the weekend. Fresh air and great exercise!
  • nice to walk

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