Snooki Plans to Avoid Partying While Pregnant at the Jersey Shore

The 6-month pregnant reality star says, 'I don't want to be one of those moms who's pregnant in a club.'

The gang is all here. Filming of season six of The Jersey Shore has begun as all the cast members have moved in. 

While the party is sure to get started very soon, there are definitely some changes for this season. Yea, we're talking about Snooki. 

Usually, the pint-size star is ready to go when it comes to boozing it up with her castmates, but you won't find her in the club this summer, or even living in the house for that matter. Snooki is shacking up next door to her friends, trying to avoide drama and The Situation. While JWOWW and the rest of the gang head out to hot spots like KARMA, Snooki will stay home and enjoy her all-time favorite snack, pickles. 

Mike Sorrentino aka The Situation has also returned to the shore, even though his hard-partying lifestyle landed him in rehab earlier this year.

Will this stop The Jersey Shore from being one giant party? We think not — get prepared for more family dinners, drinks all around, and for sure, some grenades. 

We're sorry, we had to say it.