SNL's Best Moments In Food And Drink

Since it's premiere season in 1975, Saturday Night Live has served as a comical reflection of American popular culture. Whether its in their sketches, commercial parodies, or digital shorts, food and drink are often a hot topic on the show.

Just as the focus of the bits on SNL are inspired by current events and trends, sometimes moments on the show inspire tastemakers in return. Just this past week, Ben & Jerry's introduced Schweddy Balls, a new ice cream flavor based on an iconic SNL sketch featuring Alec Baldwin, Molly Shannon, and Ana Gasteyer.

Whether you're jonesing for a "cheeborger", a tall glass of bass, or a ham and Champagne cocktail, these notable Saturday Night Live moments are sure to satisfy your craving for comedy. Think we missed your favorite sketch? Note it below.


• The Olympia Restaurant

This legendary sketch features John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, and Bill Murray as the impatient employees of a Greek diner that serves only cheeseburgers, chips, and Pepsi. The Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago reportedly inspired the writer of the sketch, Don Novello.


• Duncan Hines Brownie Husband

This commercial parody struck a chord with single women everywhere. A spoof on the influx of microwavable single-serving desserts being touted by companies like Duncan Hines, the life-size Brownie Husband makes for the perfect companion. The short features shots of Tina Fey romantically embracing, and then devouring, her fudge-y lover.

• Schweddy Balls

Alec Baldwin has hosted (and made cameos on) SNL so many times that it's almost easy to forget that he's not a member of the regular cast. This sketch, which features him alongside Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer, is undoubtedly one of his most memorable. Molly and Ana play the hosts of a fictional NPR show called The Delicious Dish and Alec plays Pete Schweddy, a bakery owner who specializes in preparing a variety of dessert balls. Plus now, thanks to Ben & Jerry's, fans of this sketch can get a taste of Schweddy Balls-flavored ice cream for a limited time. 


• The Bass-O-Matic

Dan Akroyd stars in this one as a salesman promoting the wonders of his new product, the Super Bass-O-Matic '76. Why roast, grill, or poach a bass for dinner when you can pulverize the whole fish in a customized blender?


• Zagat's

Comedy power duo, Chris Farley (in drag, no less) and Adam Sandler demonstrate the peak of marital bliss as Hank and Beverly Gelfand in this sketch. As the host of Zagat's, bubbly Beverly flips through the restaurant guide and reads descriptions of the places that sound interesting to her disgruntled husband.


• Hamm and Bublé

This piece features Jon Hamm and Michael Bublé as the owners of a new restaurant serving a variety of pork dishes and sparkling wines (get it?). Jon Hamm describes the elegant experience that Hamm and Bublé diners are sure to enjoy, while Michael Bublé covertly describes the nature of the pair's working relationship through song.

• Colon Blow

In this spoof on commercials for high-fiber breakfast cereal, Phil Hartman plays a man who finds out that the average high-fiber cereal he's been eating is truly no match for Super Colon Blow.


• Taco Town

Taco Bell may combine hard and soft tacos in items such as the Crunch Wrap Supreme and Cheesy Gordita Crunch, but only at Taco Town can you get a taco that's also wrapped in a pizza, crepe, and pancake — oh, and it also comes served in a promotional tote bag.


• Coffee Talk with Linda Richman

Mike Myers stars as Linda Richman, a stereotypical Jewish woman from New York who is the host of a show called Coffee Talk. The sketch was a recurring bit on Saturday Night Live, but the most notable moment included Madonna and Roseanne Barr as Linda's friends who get exceptionally "verklempt" when their idol, Barbara Streisand, makes a guest appearance on the show.


• Pepper Boy

Seasoned pepper grinder, Marco (played by Dana Carvey), teaches the newly hired Carlo (played by Adam Sandler) the art of being a pepper boy. Marco goes table-to-table and sensually adds fresh pepper to diners' plates at the restaurant.