Kind Souls Are Giving Snacks and Drinks To Package Delivery Workers

The people delivering our presents deserve presents of their own

Delivery workers and drivers are busier than Santa Claus at this time of year. Online shopping means packages are as plentiful as snowflakes. And just like leaving cookies and milk out for Santa, some package recipients are putting out baskets of snacks and drinks for hungry and thirsty delivery people.

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You don’t have to get fancy about it. A laundry basket or giant Tupperware container will do to hold the goodies. And no one’s asking for caviar, here. Bottled water and juice, oranges, bagged chips, granola bars, M&Ms – anything and everything seems to be gratefully received.

"I was surprised that someone actually cares about the people who deliver their packages," Amy Soria, who delivers packages for Amazon in California, told Business Insider.

Most people attach notes to the goodies so delivery people know they’re intended for them. Some get elaborate, with poems and holiday pictures, but a hand-scrawled “Help yourself!” also gets the point across.


As more and more of our shopping goes online, package delivery isn’t going to go away – at least, until it’s all done by drone. But until then, it’s not too late to set something out (much easier if you have a private doorstep than if you live in a multi-unit building, of course). If this inspires you to up your gift ante, here’s a list of people you should be buying a gift for, but aren’t.