Smucker's Introduces Maple-Bacon Flavored Syrup

This syrup could change pancakes forever

When Smucker’s adapts a flavor into their condiment repertoire, you can be pretty sure it’s surpassed the realm of "trend" and become a universally loved classic. 

So it was only a matter of time before this became a reality: maple-bacon flavored syrup. 

Bacon (and its sidekick maple) has been a trendy flavor pairing for a while now, showing up in ice cream, donuts, lollipops, lattes, and beyond. A Culinary Visions Panel survey recently confirmed that salty-sweet flavors are consumers’ clear favorites — not that we needed proof.

This new salty-sweet syrup is magical, in more ways than one: Smucker’s, a purveyor of all things sugary and wholesome, managed to pack this "unique combination of two popular breakfast flavors" into one little portion-controlled cup — without including any real bacon, or any real maple syrup.

Instead, you’ll be drizzling your pancakes with 120 calories worth of bacon-flavored high-fructose corn syrup and 24 grams of sugar. But we bet it tastes awesome.

Smucker’s new syrup is just the latest in a seemingly endless stream of bacon-centric foods and products. Check out The Daily Meal’s list of the most ridiculous bacon products here, or get inspired to create your own bacon-based creation with 15 Mind-Blowing Bacon Dishes.