Small Mammal House

Zoo Exhibit
3001 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20090
(202) 633-4888


  • It can get pretty warm in here. Nice exhibits but the animals are scarce and hard to find.
  • The mammals are pretty interesting, but you'll see more at the bird house
  • Check out the akoochie with the saki
  • So many amazing creatures to see!!
  • Tamurin monkeys.
  • Curators and keepers are super nice. Be sure to meet the wallabies, Geoffrey's marmosets, and coatis out back!
  • The small mammals are so cute!!! :-)
  • Find the two pied piper panels in this building and find out why they are here!
  • The naked molerats are the best attraction.
  • There are two meerkat exhibits.

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