Slobber Over 'United States of Bacon' Previews

The series premieres Sunday, Dec. 30

Last week's bacon yule log was just a taste of the bacon-y food porn that will arrive December 30 at 10 p.m., as Destination America debuts their 12-episode series United States of Bacon.

The host, Todd Fisher, travels through Milwaukee, Chicago, Des Moines, Seattle, Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Portland, and the Bay Area, showcasing all the bacon "from thick cut and juicy to thin and crispy," Marc Etkind of Destination America said in a press release.

So expect close ups of peanut butter and bacon cheeseburgers, a meatlover's deep dish pizza in Chicago (plus a Chicago hot dog, obviously), a bacon-wrapped meatloaf sandwich, and a bacon Cheddar apple pie. And in a video below, they even invent something called the "bacon turtle burger," which looks and sounds kind of terrifying. It's all a little much, but watch the previews below for a quick taste, then consider going out to buy bacon when the cravings hit. Or, you can check out how to make bacon from scratch here.

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